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About Our Bakery

In 2018, I left my job as an Early Years Teacher, for new challenges and adventures in Canada. I was very lucky to have opportunities in bakeries with exceptionally kind, skilled and inspirational people making delicious products. In these very special places, I learnt new skills, gained experience and I found what I was most passionate about...bread.

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What is Sourdough?

Sourdough nowadays comes in many different varieties. It's traditionally 100% naturally leavened bread, made using a sourdough starter. However, unfortunately you'll find many supermarkets branding their bread as 'sourdough' but omitting the many benefits real sourdough has to offer. My bread is made from 100% organic flour, sea salt, water and lots of love and time. The sourdough loaves are slowly fermented for at least 16 hours, making it gut friendly and healthier too.

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