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Our Story

In 2018, I left my job as an Early Years Teacher, for new challenges and adventures in Canada. I was very lucky to have opportunities in bakeries with exceptionally kind, skilled and inspirational people making delicious products. In these very special places, I learnt new skills, gained experience and I found what I was most passionate about...bread.

We found a new home in Hayle on our return to the UK, which is when I also spent some time at the Artisan School of Food completing their Advanced Bread course. Noticing a need locally to provide organic, naturally leavened sourdough, I decided to take the plunge and open my own microbakery.  This is how Dodo Bakery came to be. Since opening, we have moved homes and the bakery has moved from our small kitchen, to our converted garage just round the corner from Hayle Quay.


Why the Dodo Bird?

The exotic but now extinct dodo bird has Mauritian roots, just like me. I’ve chosen to name the microbakery after the Dodo bird as it has a double meaning - my mission is both to reduce food chain impact on the planet, while also producing local, organic and delicious 'dough'. All of my breads are made with 100% organic flour from Shipton Mill. That means it's all beautiful grains, with no preservatives or additives. 

The bakery also happens to be 100% vegan. Hopefully this choice enables the bakery to make a small positive impact to our ever changing planet, helping in any way we can to prevent other species from disapearing.

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